Welcome to a great place to work!

At Findwise we are experts in helping
organizations setting up systems to find their corporate information and
presenting it in every way imaginable. The talents working here are highly
skilled consultants within different areas such as software engineering, user
experience, information management, business analysis and linguistics.

Our way of finding talents is based on the
notion that talent attracts talent. That means in order to find new talented
people we must make the ones who are already working here thrive and come to
work each day filled with joy and anticipation.

How do we accomplish that? Well, talented
people must be respected as equals and be given the freedom to create and
innovate. You don’t hire a talent to tell him or her exactly how to do what
they are talented at. We want our talented people to feel encouraged to act
independently and bravely, that is how their talents best are put to use for
Findwise and our clients.

Our appproach to management

Findwise approach to management is to continue
to uphold an open, trusting environment with a flat corporate structure, in
which flexible working hours, freedom and own responsibility are principal.
»Use your own judgment« is the golden rule which encourages a fighting spirit
and the desire to develop new ideas. And of course with a lot of FUN!

Walk the talk

We gladly walk this talk. And it has paid off
so far. We are currently on 10th place in the Great place to work
awards in Sweden and we are also nominated for the Employer of the year awards
sponsored by European business Awards! Please check out our unique company
culture on European businsess awards web page! And dont forget to vote :)

A culture of doers

Working hard and never giving up is more important than thinking you know it all from the start. Being a knowledge based company means our greatest assets are the findability experts. As a findability expert it is OK to fail as long as you learn from the experience. As an employee at a firm where new solutions are being developed there has to be room for trial and error so that you can grow as an individual.

Why join us?

  • A place to grow

    At Findwise we encourage you to learn more and become the best in what you do. Want to change tracks during the way? No worries, we’re always here to help.

  • Early bird and sleepy heads

    A healthy work-life balance is important. Are you an early-bird or a sleepy-head? No problem- our flexible work hours cater both!

  • FUN!

    We have awesome Kick-offs, dinners, after works meets and lots of other activities. Findwise is a fun and inspiring place to work.

Ullevigatan 19
41140 Göteborg

info@findwise.com +46 70 772 22 24

Frederiksborggade 32
1360 Copenhagen

info@findwise.com +45 2810 5862

Sveavägen 28-30
111 34 Stockholm

info@findwise.com +46709325299

Wspólna 35 lok. 16
00-519 Warszawa

info@findwise.com +48 601 094 429

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