Text analysis

We love semantics!

Search is primarily done using textual queries. We use words, phrases and even whole sentences to search for the information we want to find. This information may often be hidden within large amounts of text or may not readily match the text query itself. Without a good knowledge of the original language used to express the information, findability can be poor.

We, at Findwise, have deep and extensive knowledge in all the aspects of Text Analytics related to search, information retrieval and findability. We can help you with both the simple and the more difficult problems that are encountered when designing and implementing a findability solution.

Your background should be:

Automatic or semi-automatic text analysis (keyword, entity extraction, summarization, sentiment analysis)
Deep and shallow linguistic processing (on morphological, syntactic and semantic level)
Creating and extending Company specific dictionaries and lexicons

What are the outcomes?

Enhanced Metadata
Richer findability experience
Better precision and recall during search
Visualization of entities and their relations
Concept-interaction over time
Our key services:

Entity extraction
Single- or Multi-document summarization
Sentiment Analysis
Phonetic Search
Semantic Search

A culture of doers

Working hard and never giving up is more important than thinking you know it all from the start. Being a knowledge based company means our greatest assets are the findability experts. As a findability expert it is OK to fail as long as you learn from the experience. As an employee at a firm where new solutions are being developed there has to be room for trial and error so that you can grow as an individual.

Why join us?

  • A place to grow

    At Findwise we encourage you to learn more and become the best in what you do. Want to change tracks during the way? No worries, we’re always here to help.

  • Early bird and sleepy heads

    A healthy work-life balance is important. Are you an early-bird or a sleepy-head? No problem- our flexible work hours cater both!

  • FUN!

    We have awesome Kick-offs, dinners, after works meets and lots of other activities. Findwise is a fun and inspiring place to work.

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