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We offer the possibility of writing your thesis within anything from text analysis, machine learning, collection of requirements and business analysis. We are happy to see that you already have an idea which we thereafter develop together to find a proposal which will be interesting-  both for yourself and for us! 

Examples of thesis topics adressed in past projects:

  • Entity extraction
  • Text summary
  • Image search
  • Security in search solution
  • Relationships between entities in texts



This is what you can expect during your time with us!

Engaged supervisors
You will have one or several supervisors who will support you on your journey
You will become part of Findwise
You get a place in our office and invites to all our Findwise activities
Broaden your network
Make valuable contacts, both within and outside Findwise!

Hear testimonials from our past thesis workers!

Findwise was very welcoming towards us thesis workers and allowed us to have the same benefits as the ordinary employees. Both our supervisors and their colleagues generously shared their knowledge and experience, which contributed greatly to the quality of our master thesis.

Karl Svensson Thesis Findwise Gothenburg office 2018: Abstractive Document Summarisation using Generative Adversarial Networks (https://odr.chalmers.se/handle/20.500.12380/255471)

I really enjoyed Findwise. I received the support I needed but at the same time I felt a lot of freedom in my dissertation project. Findwise has a very strong corporate culture that I got to take part of through many internal events and I also learned to play table tennis :)

Iryna Kulatska Thesis Findwise Stockholm office 2019: ArgueBot: Enabling debates through a hybrid retrieval-generation-based chatbot (https://essay.utwente.nl/79791/1/kulatska_MA_eemcs.pdf)

Meet our thesis responsible!

I'm thesis responsible for Findwise Sweden!

Simon Almgren Developer

A unique culture

At Findwise, we help each other grow! Whether you are new or have a couple of years in working life, we respect each other and we help each other through all challenges. And we always have FUN! Afterworks, training & travel are just some of the activities we love to do together!


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